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If there is one topic that can capture the attention of any person regardless of age, sex or ethnicity, it is Energy, Electricity and ensuring an environment friendly world. With rising global warming and sea levels and a polluted environment haunting people at large, there is a growing awareness of a need to bring things back on track. This is only possible if every individual contributes to this effort in his or her own way.

Our blog site addresses this trending topic in a new and unique way, quite removed from the other run-of–the mill blog sites that deal with this niche too. For one, we do not take each component of our niche as a stand-alone one; we draw inferences and link all of them to present a comprehensive picture of Energy / Electricity / Environment friendly matters to our readers. And secondly, we bring specific and generic blogs on the subject that will surely satiate the curiosity of both the tech savvy and the common person.

Here is a snap shot of what our site is basically all about.

First, we are one of the few blog sites that have top experts in this field submitting write-ups to us. Hence all current news, information and updates on energy are immediately posted on our site.

The focus of our site is on alternate sources of energy too. Solar power is one example in this regard. You will find in-depth blogs that detail use of solar power in different countries and the latest technologies being incorporated in this area. You can find blogs that offer tips on how to harness this solar power source and use it to drastically reduce energy bills in a domestic or commercial setting.

Our site will also have generic blogs that deal with a variety of issues. For example, we will offer tips on making your home more efficient by following simple methods rather than elaborate renovation. For example, did you know that just by replacing incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes by LED lights and CFLs you can reduce energy bills on lighting in your home by half? All this and more can be had at our blog site.

Our team of bloggers are passionate about energy conservation and sustainable and renewable sources of energy and carry out in-depth research on the subject. Hence all blogs posted on our site are high on reliability and authenticity.