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The Best Future Energy Sources

As is well-known, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another. There are primarily two types of energy sources – Renewable and non-renewable. In the non-renewable category, there is oil, coal, and natural gas which are present in the world in finite quantities and whose stocks are fast depleting today. In the renewable section is wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and the like. In the latter case, there is no damage and destruction of the environment through pollution and emission of toxic gasses that lead to such dangerous situations as global warming.   
Here are some of the best energy sources of the future.

Space-based solar power

The energy emitted by the sun is incredible – just one hour of energy generated by the sun can cover the earth for one year. To harness this vast amount, solar farms in space will capture high-intensity solar radiations through giant mirrors and reflect it to smaller solar collectors on earth in the form of laser beams or microwave.


The pure form of this gas has zero pollution emission levels when used to run engines. NASA has been using this form of fuel for their space shuttles for years now. Russia too has invented aeroplanes that run on hydrogen. This element exists on the planet in combination with other components such as oxygen and can be used in mobile fuel cells to produce electricity further.

Solar power

Solar power is considered to be the best amongst renewable energy sources because it has cheap equipment installation and production costs. The extent to which people have moved to this form of energy can be gauged from the fact that in Germany, almost 50% of the country’s power requirements are met by solar power with Spain following close behind. Researchers have now invented solar panels that look like glass and can manage the rays of the sun from both ends. For more details, visit the website of some of the leading research institutions specialising in solar power.

Wind power

Wind power has been around for about a decade, and usage is on the rise. Even though it has been unable hitherto to support large populations on land, recent developments in turbine technology have made wind power a more economically and technologically viable option.

These are some of the energy sources of the future that will help make the earth a cleaner and less polluted place to live in.